What are cookies - a little different

What are cookies, what are they for and should we be afraid of them?

Roman Schmock - April 23, 2023

What are cookies?

By law, cookies are small text files that websites store on your computer or other device ….. And now you’ve stopped reading because you can read this technical stuff everywhere and it’s giving you a headache. pc

But what are cookies really and what are they for? I will try to explain it to those who might be looking for cookies on the computer and wondering where they came from.

Again - What are cookies?

Cookies are like small notes that websites save on your computer when you visit them. It’s similar to someone writing down notes about what they’re doing so they can remember it later. In these notes, you save, for example, text size settings, background color, how you logged in, and the like. They can also be used to store information about what content you have viewed on the website or what products you have selected in the online store.

Example: You go shopping and put your purchase in the basket. However, you must leave the store during the purchase. Later, you will return to this store again and you will find in the basket what you have already put there before, and you do not have to go through the whole store again and remember what you have already put in.

However, not all of these notes about you are good, and it is important to keep in mind that some sites may use these notes to track your online behavior and obtain information about you. If you are concerned about this, you can disable the storage of these notes (cookies) in your browser or choose which notes (cookies) you want to allow and which not.


What are cookies used for and what types are they?

  • Session cookies - these notes are created when you log in and remember your login data, settings, preferences. These notes make it possible to ensure that these notes are only available to you after your login to the website.
  • Personalization cookies - when browsing the Internet, these notes remember which pages you visited, what you searched for, what you were most interested in. Later, these notes are used to show you ads for the products you were looking for before.
  • Tracking cookies - I would probably compare these notes to a shopping list. These notes will remember what you bought and possibly offer other goods that you might like.

What are the types of cookies?

  • Temporary - notes are only temporary and are not written to your computer.
  • Permanent - notes are saved to your computer permanently, or only for a certain period of time.
  • Authentication - these notes remember who you are and under which name you are logged into the site.
  • Tracking - these notes track you, where you move, how often and which stalls you visit, what you are interested in, and these notes help merchants offer you goods that you might be interested in. Cookies

Why cookies can be dangerous.

These notes themselves are not harmful and cannot infect your computer.

  • First-party cookies - come directly from the page you are viewing, and if you are browsing refurbished pages, there is no problem here.
  • Third-party cookies - these notes are already less friendly. They are mostly created by other websites, usually because they are linked to advertising. It is these notes that allow advertising or various analytical companies to monitor your behavior on the Internet and possibly offer targeted advertising. Cookies

Why does that bar keep popping up at you everywhere?

As of January 2022, the processing of personal data of website visitors is regulated within the European Union by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive. This requires website operators to obtain consent to the use of cookies from visitors to these websites (the so-called opt-in principle). In the case of so-called technical notes necessary for the operation of the website, it is not necessary to request this consent. In that case, this consent will not jump out at you. In all other cases, you must agree to the use of cookies, or set which cookies will and will not be stored.

On these pages, this banner will also pop up at you because I added Google Analytics. I use this product similarly to the access counter, but since it is already a third party, I need your consent to save notes (cookies). If you notice there are no ads and I only use your data to monitor access, it can only be a simple banner with a YES / NO option.

A final word

If you’ve read this far, thank you for your patience and I’ll come up with something more interesting next time :-)

I tried to write this article in a simple and understandable way, despite the fact that it is not exactly a simple issue to explain. In addition to the technical specifications, there is also quite complex legal legislation. So that we don’t get bored :-( If you have any questions, write to me at roman@jimot.cz or on Facebook.