Who I am

A little about us and how we came to be

Roman Schmock - April 17, 2023

Who I am

I studied technology, which I still enjoy, but a person’s life usually goes in different directions. Technik

I come from an area where hand-making is a long tradition and many crafts are passed down from generation to generation. I think it would be a great shame if these crafts and specific hand-made techniques disappear completely. Even in the current technological age, quality artwork and honest handwork have an irreplaceable place in our lives.

My wife Jindřiška likes to experiment with different kinds of creations, and frivolity lace made with a special frivolity needle has become her great passion. This technique gradually gave birth to her book “Frivolitkovánie jehlou”. Of course, she did not only focus on frivolities, but gradually Jindřiška also learned the basics of baton lace and continued to improve herself.

My wife and I started by selling handmade frivolous lace jewelry at local markets and fairs. However, we gradually realized that people are interested not only in finished products, but also in the materials we used. And so we gradually began to expand our assortment. However, we still enjoyed it as fun and a hobby. Frivolitkování jehlou

And something about JIMOT

We named our store Jimot - which is a combination of the initial letters of Jindřišek’s wife’s first name and something that may at first glance look like a bit of senseless and chaotic jumble. When frivolous lace is created, the thread is wound around the needle, creating a lace with beautiful decorations. So JIndřiščina + MOTanice = Jimot. JIMOT

We are proud to be able to help keep the hand-made tradition alive and pass it on to future generations. We believe that quality craftsmanship and honest craftsmanship have an irreplaceable place in our lives, even in today’s world, where everything is subject to speed and efficiency. And who knows, maybe even your creative hobbies will turn into a successful and fun business.

But above all, let creation bring you a lot of joy.