Eyes with fuse - instructions

Step-by-step instructions on how to use eyelets for the production of toys and decorations with a safety stop

Roman Schmock - September 19, 2023

Eyelet with stopper for toys and decoration

Using safety stop eyelets to make toys and decorations is easy and ensures that the items you create will be safe, especially if they are intended for small children. The following instructions will show you how to use the eyelets with the safety stop correctly:

What you will need:

  • Eyelets with safety stop: These eyelets are specially designed so that they cannot be easily pulled out and are a safety measure for children. You can buy them in different sizes and colors.
  • Toy or decoration: Material from which you will create a toy or decoration. This may include fabrics, wool, or other fabrics and accessories.
  • Hook or Needle: You will need a tool to make holes in the material to place the eyelets.
  • Pliers: In some cases you will also need pliers to place the stopper.


Eyes for toys

  • Prepare the material: First, prepare the material from which you will create your toy or decoration. Make sure you have all the necessary parts ready.
  • Eye size: First we choose the right eye size, we check if they are the same, if we have suitable pads.
  • Eyes with a colored background: For some types of eyes with a colored background, we will put this background on the eyes and check the correct placement of this background.

Eyes for toys

  • Marking the place for the eyelet: Decide where you want to place the eyelet on your toy. You can mark this place on the material with a pencil or other suitable tool. For most toys, we try to place the eyes symmetrically.
  • Make a hole: Using a hook or needle, make a small hole at the marked location. Make sure the hole is large enough for the eyelet shaft to pass through.
  • Insert eyelet: Push the stem/foot of the eyelet through the hole you made. Make sure the stem/leg is pushed through the material. We will check again whether the eyes are placed in the administration.

Eyes for toys

  • Adding the second part: On the other side of the material, attach the second part of the eyelet - the stop. For smaller eyes, this stop can only be placed with your fingers, for some we will have to use pliers. For larger eyelets and metal stoppers, it will also be necessary to use, for example, a hammer to place the stopper in the right place by tapping it. THIS WAY TO SECURE THE EYE
  • Check for strength: Carefully check that the eyelet is securely attached and cannot be easily removed. The eyelet should be firmly connected to the material and should not move.

In this way, you can use the eyelets with a safety stop when making toys and decorations, and be sure that your creations will be safe for use, especially for children.


Eyes for toys

For eyes with a plastic stop, which you can find in our assortment EYES AND Muzzles:, there are two ways to thread the safety stop.

  • On the left, the plug hits with the bulge pointing outwards. We apply this method to eyes of a larger diameter and where there is a longer stem.
  • For eyelets of smaller diameters and where the stem is shorter, I recommend putting the securing ring on in reverse, as shown in the right part of the picture.

Eyes for toys