How crocheted animal backpacks were created

In this article you will learn how crocheted animal backpacks were created

Roman Schmock - October 6, 2023

Crocheted animal backpacks - why and how a book with instructions for 10 cute pets was created

As usual, it all started a bit by mistake. For those who know Jindřiška, it is no secret that she liked monkeys. Once she crocheted two monkeys, a boy and a girl, from thicker yarn. These monkeys grew to almost 60 cm. Among the many stuffed animals she crocheted was a reclining teddy bear. Good as a toy, but she also crocheted it from thicker yarn as a pillow.

Monkeys The monkey and the bear

My sister and I thought that such pets could also be interesting as small backpacks for children. Jindřiška first declared that it was stupid, mainly because she would have to crochet the whole thing. But within a week we had the first backpack ready. We gradually incorporated safety elements into them - reflective thread, and other backpacks were gradually created. Since we couldn’t find anything similar on the Internet, we decided that it could be an interesting topic for a book.

Our experience in writing the first book

From our experience with the first book “Flivolitkování jehlou” , when Jindřiška wrote the entire book and I, when I got the text in hand, changed the basic text a little. When Jindřiška read it, she was a little annoyed that there was almost nothing left of her text. But gradually we created a very interesting publication.

When she was preparing the instructions and other texts for the book, we agreed that Jindřiška would write the instructions and I would supplement them with comments and accompanying texts. Unfortunately, even if we can plan what we want, fate had something else planned, and Jindřiščina’s thread of life was interrupted before we even started the book.

We would like to give you some food for thought. Don’t wait for tomorrow and live as if tomorrow never happens. Enjoy life while you can.

Backpacks like animals

And now back to the backpacks.

In the end, we prepared and included a total of 10 instructions in the book “Crocheted animal backpacks” :

I had the prepared instructions for the monkey redone, and thanks to Jindřišča’s sister Věrca, who crocheted all the backpacks again, checked the instructions and just modified the monkey as well. Two monkeys emerged from one monkey - a boy and a girl. Backpacks

Right from the beginning, we agreed that it should not be a book for beginners, where the basic crochet techniques would be completely explained, but whoever will read this book will already have some basics. The book itself must have a similar size to “Frivolitkování žehlú” so that it can be stored even when traveling. In the book, I tried to copy the basic techniques that are used in the instructions, but only in abbreviated form. Now someone will ask how I could write about something I don’t understand. I simply had to learn it. What I wouldn’t do for you :-) I had to learn the basics of crocheting to describe the technique and to be able to draw the accompanying pictures. I believe that it will bring inspiration to many and your children little pets on the way.

Crocheted animal backpacks

I dedicated this book Crocheted animal backpacks to my wife Jindřiška Schmoková, who would be very happy with this book, and I believe that it will make you happy as well, and especially the children.